neta bomani is an abolitionist, learner and educator who is interested in parsing information and histories while making things by hand with human and non-human computers.


Cybernetics of Race/ism

Photos by Michael Coney

Cybernetics of Race/ism is a workshop series. In the series, we looked at zines as a TECHNOLOGY to help further educate and ORGANIZE our friends, family and community.

Together we operated zines as a critical tool to analyze and agitate by responding to a discussion on how CYBERNETICS can help us understand how supremacist logics produce RACISM, how racism produces RACE, how race differentiates from ethnicity and nationality, and how we perceive our own and other people’s race(s).

We learned basic copying, collaging, folding and binding techniques in tandem with semantic mapping in order to co-create zines by the end of the workshop.

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GIF of a collectively made zine from the Cybernetics of Race/ism workshop at Processing Community Day NYC 2020.